The new government moves its headquarters to Sirte – The previous one does not hand over power


The parliament of Benghazi announced today that the government that appointed, under Fati Basagawill currently be based in Slideas the attempt to bring it under control has reached a dead end government buildings in Tripoli after the Abdulhamid al-Dhaiba’s previous government refuses to hand over power.

This decision is Parliament’s clearest assumption to date the government he appointed in March can not take office in Tripoli and Libya is paralyzed by the crisis between the two governments.

This impasse threatens to trigger one new round of clashes in Libya, after two years of relative peace. Both sides supported by armed groups and any attempt by Basha to enter Tripoli by force could spark fighting in western Libya.

The next sitting of parliament will be held on Slidesaid House spokesman Abdullah Belhaik.

The transitional government of Dibba was formed last year with the aim of leading the country to the December parliamentary and presidential elections. However, after the elections were postponed indefinitely due to disagreements over the rules to be followed, the Tobruk-based parliament ruled that the government’s term had ended and appointed a new one under Bashaga. Dbeiba claims that his government is legitimate and that he will hand over power only after elections are held.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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