Passengers received photos of plane crashes on their mobile phones


Aircraft flying at the airport Ben Gurion of Tel Aviv today, returned to the gate, after passengers received on their mobile phones photos from plane crashes.

Israeli authorities suspect they were sent by nine other passengers via their iPhone AirDrop app.

This event, on her flight AndoluJet which was to take off for Constantinoplewas not a cyber attack, according to Ofer Lefler, a spokesman for the Israeli Air Force.

According to police, the nine suspects are Israeli citizens. They were forced to disembark and may be prosecuted for spreading false information punishable by three years in prison in Israel.

“I’m sure the police and security services will find out why they did it,” Lefler told Channel 12 TV.

Other passengers, disturbed by the photos, informed the crew and the captain made the right decision and returned to the gate, Lefler said.

“One woman fainted, another suffered a panic attack,” said a passenger.

The aircraft finally took off a few hours later, after the check on the luggage and the passengers was completed.

With the AirDrop app, iPhone users can send pictures to other nearby devices as long as their settings allow.


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