Cheap fueling apps have been much more popular in recent months


The popularity of apps that let you see where you can currently refuel cheaply has grown significantly in recent months. This emerges from a visit to

Gas prices at the pump have been extremely high for months. This is partly due to the war in Ukraine, but also to the economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis. As a result, the price of oil rose sharply.

Gas prices vary by location and it can be beneficial to take a detour when you need to fill up. Various apps show where you can fill your tank cheaply. These apps have become much more popular in recent months, say the companies behind them.

For example, the ANWB has an On-the-Go app, which you can use to see, among other things, current fuel prices in your area. “We see a lot of interest in our app and in particular for the refueling part”, specifies a spokesperson.

The popularity of tank information has notably increased since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, according to the spokesperson. “In March, we saw 146% growth compared to February. In April, we again saw a 26% decline compared to March, but interest remains at a high level.”

Number of “above average” new downloads since the war

DirectLease has also seen the number of users of its similar application Tankservice increase sharply. While the company still had over 131,000 users in January 2021, there were already over 185,000 users in January this year. But in February and March in particular, the number of users soared, reaching 233,000 and 343,000 respectively.

A third popular app with which you can check petrol prices in the Netherlands is Tankey. The company, founded in 2018, cannot provide exact figures for the past year, but says it now has around 300,000 users.

“On February 24, we saw a record 2,000 new downloads. Since then, there have been multiple peaks of 1,000 downloads per day. This is above average and we have never seen before” , said founder Paul Akass.

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