How to see them – The reductions


ENFIA’s statements were posted for 2022 on Taxisnet, which also lists the discounts.

Taxpayers will be asked to pay the first of the 10 monthly installments at the end of Maywhile they should have repaid their debt by February 2023. In fact, it is noted that there will be no discount for six-time repayment.

According to information, this year’s bill is reduced by EUR 380 million and revenues of 2.2 billion euros were confirmed.

According to an amendment voted in Parliament, reductions amount to up to 30%.

Specifically, they are formulated as follows:

a) for real estate value up to 100,000 euros, by 30%

b) for real estate value up to 150,000 euros, by 25%

c) for real estate value up to 250,000 euros, by 20%

d) for real estate value up to 300,000 euros, by 15%

e) for real estate value up to 400,000 euros, by 10%

With regard to the 10 installments, it is stipulated that each of them cannot be less than 10 euros, and of which the first installment is paid until the last working day of the month of issuance of the deed of identification, if the deed of taxation is issued by on the 15th of the month.

Otherwise it is paid until the last working day of the following month from the issuance of the tax assessment act, and the next installments until the last working day of each following month, while the last installment is paid until the last working day of February of the following year. .

What is changing in ENFIA

The AADE also changed the ENFIA publications, in order to give a complete picture to the taxpayer of the difference that arises after the tax reductions and increases. Specifically, the new liquidation will indicate the new total value of the real estate that has arisen after the revaluation of the fair values, as well as:

  • The main tax
  • The deduction or increase of the principal tax based on the total value of real estate.
  • 50% or 100% discount for low-income property owners.
  • The total amount of ENFIA

The form also states the deadlines for the installments that reach ten this year as well as the identity of the debtor for the payment of the tax.

How to find the ENFIA liquidator

Taxpayers will find the ENFIA statement on the digital portal myAADE of AADE following six steps:

1. Enter the myAADE homepage.

2. Click on the “Applications” window.

3. Click on “Popular Applications”.

4. Click on “Statement E9 / ENFIA”.

5. The page with ENFIA and E9 will open. The entry to the page is done with the Taxisnet codes.

6. Select the year 2022 and see the liquidation of ENFIA 2022.


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