Europe without Russian gas through Ukraine – Russian pounding in Azofstal


In energy alarm is the Europe after the announcement of Ukraine that due to force majeure stops from today Wednesday, the transport of Russian gas to Europe via Sohranifka station.

The managing company of the gas transmission system of Ukraine GTSOUclaims that it can not operate the Novopskoff compression station, due to “the intervention of the occupying forces in the technical process.”

This station, in Lugansk region, was occupied by Russian forces and pro-Russian separatists shortly after the invasion. It is the first compression station in the transit system in the Luhansk region, on a pipeline from where approximately 32.6 million cubic meters are transported gas per day or one third of it Russian gas transported to Europe via Ukraine, according to GTSOU.

For its part, Russian energy giant Gazprom said it was not technically possible to divert gas flow to Ukraine to a new entry point, as suggested by GTSOU, the operator of Ukraine’s gas transmission system.

USA: Putin wants to transfer the war to Transnistria

Washington warns that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants a long war and its transfer to Transnistria.

THE US intelligence chief Avril Haynes argued yesterday that Russian President Vladimir Putinpreparing for prolonged war in Ukrainereckons that Western aid to Kyiv will begin to dwindle.

The Russian president “probably” counts on the weakening of the determination of the United States and the European Union “in the midst of” food shortages and rising energy prices, “according to Ms. Haynes.

“Yes” to Congress at 40 billion for Ukraine

THE House of Representatives approved on Tuesday night (the dawn today is Greek time) a draft law for Mr.a total package of spending nearly $ 40 billion requested by US President Joe Biden to be offered US military, humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukrainewhose territory was invaded by the Russian army on 24 February.

The text, adopted by a vote of both parties, remains to be approved by the Senate before ending up in the office of the American president.

With the “Assistance program” this “America sends the whole message to the world that our determination to support the courageous people of Ukraine until victory is invincible” on Russia, said Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House Speaker, a few hours before the vote.

The 6 billion is intended for Ukraine to acquire armored vehicles, strengthen its air defenses and receive various weapons and ammunition, at a time when fighting is raging in the east and south. Nearly 9 billion are earmarked for ensuring “the continuity of the Ukrainian democratic institutions”, while part of the amount is earmarked for humanitarian aid.

THE Chuck Sumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, He said yesterday that “the rapid adoption of funding is necessary to help the Ukrainian people in their fight against the inhumane (Russian President Vladimir Putin)”, referring to the “moral duty” of the United States to stand by “our friends in Ukraine”. The US House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill later this week, or early next year at the latest.

On Monday, President Biden convened a congressional hearing approve funding “immediately”, as the matter is urgent, according to him.

Moreover two influential senators, Lindsay Graham (Republicans) and Richard Blumenthal (Democrats), It was suggested yesterday, in the context of the American retaliation against Moscow, that Russia be included in the black list of “states that support terrorism”. This list currently includes four countries: Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Moscow claims that the separatists have reached the borders of Lugansk

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have advanced to the borders of the Luhansk region, according to Moscow, as Russia continues its operations to take over the entire eastern part of the country, one of the main goals of the February 24 war.

According to the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, the small town of Popasna, where fierce fighting was taking place as before, “Cleared” by Ukrainian forces.

Moscow has already stated that its goal is to seize the whole of Lugansk from the hands of Ukrainian forces.

The Ukrainian governor of the region Sergiy Haidai denied the Russian announcement of the advance, calling it a “fantasy”. The Ukrainian military had to withdraw from Popasna, he admitted, but Russian forces have not broken through the defenses, he added via Telegram. It did not become clearer.

In the south, they reported new Russian pounding in Azovstalthe factory that is the last stronghold of the Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, and in Odessa.

Strategic ports are located in both urban centers. The road that connects eastern Ukraine with the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014, also passes through Mariupol.

The war, which is in its 11th week, has claimed the lives of at least 3,381 civiliansaccording to the UN human rights office in Ukraine, of which some 1,000 were killed in Mariupol alone.

The actual death toll among the civilians, however, is probably much heavier, as it is impossible to record them completely in the midst of hostilities.

According to the United Nations, the conflict uprooted much of the population of Ukraine. The number of internally displaced people has reached eight million, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), while 5.9 million people have sought refuge abroad, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


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