Coolblue reports fraud against Van Lienden and its business partners


Online store Coolblue reported fraud against Sywert van Lienden, Bernd Damme and Camille van Gestel of the Auxiliary Forces Alliance foundation on Tuesday, reports by Volkskrant Wednesday. The company also wants to recover almost half a million euros of abandoned investments in the foundation and is asking for compensation.

Auxiliary Troops Alliance founders had €20m net left over from a big mouth mask deal with the government by running it through a secret ad e.g. Coolblue says it wasn’t unaware of this.

Coolblue had invested almost half a million euros in the non-profit foundation of the three business partners. The best man Pieter Zwart of the online store has finally decided to give up this money.

Damme says in a reply to by Volkskrant that the allegation of fraud is “total nonsense”. Auxiliary Troops Alliance business partners reportedly informed Zwart of their business activities. Van Lienden and Van Gestel did not respond to a request from the newspaper for comment.

Coolblue informs via a lawyer that the declaration took a long time because the online store needed a long time to collect enough information.

OM also suspect Van Lienden and his partners of embezzlement

Van Lienden and other Auxiliary Troops Alliance administrators were removed from their posts pending a trial over the deal. The public prosecutor also suspects them of embezzlement.

The employment agency Randstad already filed a complaint against the business partners in December. The employment agency provided fifteen employees to the ASBL the previous year, without knowing that the founders were putting 20 million euros in their own pockets.

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