At 100% the compensation for employees in banks that were put in special liquidation


A solution to a chronic problem regarding the payment of 100% of the compensation to former bank employees who were put into liquidation was given by a ministerial decision.

It is noted that the employees had received 80% of their compensation and the remaining amount had been pending for 10 years which according to a decision of the Minister of Finance will be paid to them normally as it was a government commitment.

“Thus, our commitment is realized to have, depending on the cash flow of the Unified Special Liquidation, adjustment until the full payment of the legal compensation to the former employees of credit institutions that were put in special liquidation”, Mr. Staikouras emphasizes in a statement.

The president of the Employees’ Association of the Agricultural Bank of Piraeus, Panagiotis Adamopoulos, expresses his satisfaction with the development in an announcement. “Today completes a huge effort that we started together 5 Associations TOGETHER to pay the remaining 50% of the dismissal compensation to the employees of the former banks ATE, Postal Savings Bank, PROBANK, ASPIS and FBB. With the publication of the relevant Ministerial Decision, the process of payment to the beneficiaries of the remaining 20% ​​will begin. Something that for a decade seemed unfulfilled, with stubbornness, plan, consistency, joint effort and mobilization of forces, became possible. It closes in the best possible way a huge issue for us and a fundamental right is fulfilled. However, I would like to make a special reference as the President of SETAP (Employees’ Association of the Agricultural Bank of Piraeus) to the decisive support of our effort by Mr. Grigoris Dimitriadis, General Secretary of the Prime Minister, whom we thank warmly for his consistent commitment. in its success “, he notes characteristically.


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