Rents for social housing will increase by an average of 2% from July 1


Housing associations will increase rents for social sector housing by an average of 2% from July 1. In the vast majority of homes, the increase remains below the 2.3% limit that applies to low-income tenants, the umbrella organization of housing associations Aedes reported on Tuesday.

In previous years, social housing rents could increase with inflation plus 1 percentage point. But due to the corona crisis, the cabinet decided to forego this additional 1 percentage point this year. Inflation last year was 2.3% in the Netherlands.

Housing associations can further increase rents for people with higher incomes, by a maximum of 50 to 100 euros per month. However, this must remain within the maximum limit of the house rent.

Four out of ten housing organizations will implement this income-related increase this year, according to Aedes. It was not applied in 2021 due to the corona pandemic. According to the umbrella organization, nearly a third of social landlords will freeze the rents of low-energy label housing this year.

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