China: WTO chief’s statements removed or blocked on Chinese internet


A post by the head of the World Health Organization on China’s zero-tolerance policy against covid-19 was removed from Weibo this morning, shortly after it was published.

Another Chinese social networking platform, WeChat, has disabled the notification function of a corresponding UN post.

Speaking to reporters, Tentros Antanom Gebregesus commented on Tuesday, referring to China’s zero-tolerance policy: “We do not believe it is sustainable given the behavior of the virus at the moment and what we predict for the future.”

The Center’s comments were posted in Chinese by the UN on its social media accounts.

The UN and Weibo have not responded to a request from Reuters to comment on the news. WeChat reports under the WHO post: “This article has been banned because it violated the relevant laws and regulations.”

The Center’s statements provoked a lot of reactions among internet users in China, as the prolonged lockdown in Shanghai and the growing restrictions on travel in Beijing intensify the indignation of the Chinese.

China insists it will stick to its zero-tolerance policy against covid-19 in order to tackle the disease, stressing that it saves lives.

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