YouTube Gaming lets users afford a paid subscription


YouTube is testing a way for viewers and streamers to offer one another a paid subscription. At the moment, this concerns subscriptions to a small number of YouTube Gaming channels from US and UK users, writes YouTube.

The feature should be available for many more channels in the coming months. YouTube Gaming is a competitor to Twitch, a video streaming service that primarily plays games. This platform has long allowed users to distribute paid subscriptions to others.

A subscription to a YouTube Gaming channel costs $4.99 (more than 4.70 euros) per month. With a subscription, viewers get access to exclusive content from creators, like certain emojis that can be used in the chat feature.

People can gift a subscription by clicking on the dollar sign next to the chat window. Even strangers can receive a subscription as a gift. Recipients will receive a message about this. Donated subscriptions will automatically expire after one month.

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