Collection agencies will soon no longer be allowed to work without a license


Collection agencies, companies that collect debts that people owe to companies or governments, must soon be licensed. The Senate voted in favor of a bill on Tuesday. At present, such a permit is not yet mandatory, which means that there is less control over its quality.

Collection agencies that have a license will also have to register in a register, so that the government has an overview of the number of collection agencies. In addition, companies are obliged to use understandable language and there are quality requirements. Anyone who does not comply can be fined or suspended.

The bill came two years ago during the reign of then-Secretary of State Sander Dekker (Legal Protection). With this plan, he wanted to prevent people in debt from having even more problems due to possible rogue collection agencies.

The Senate voted in favor of the proposal on Tuesday, meaning it will soon become law. The law’s effective date is uncertain, but it is believed to be from January 1 next year.

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