Touloupaki in Spiegel: Corruption in Greece thrives uncontrollably


“Eleni Touloupaki is the most famous prosecutor in Greece. The 57-year-old was considered a sworn anti-corruption fighter and investigated some of the biggest financial cases in Greek courts “.

This is how the former head of the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, who linked her name to the Novartis pharmaceutical scandal, Spiegel, gave an interview, in which she gave an interview: “A scandal that shook the Greek system”, with the pharmaceutical industry being accused of bribing millions of euros , civil servants and hospital employees in order to keep prices artificially high and to gain better access to the Greek market “. As Spiegel notes, “after the Conservative government took over as prime minister in the summer of 2019, the direction of the investigation changed. “Suddenly the accusers became accused.”

Referring to her tenure as Corruption Prosecutor and the investigation of the Novartis file, Eleni Touloupaki states: “We also examined the participation of politicians. “The case could be used in universities in the future as a reference to the international impact of corruption.” Asked about the reasons why the investigation stopped with the change of government in 2019, Eleni Touloupaki answers: “Our investigation came into conflict with the strong political interests of the country. The people involved joined forces to stop the investigation and to punish me and my colleagues from the prosecution, as well as journalists who investigated the case in an exemplary manner. Their goal is to send the message that they are intact. “If these interests prevail, it will mean the end of the rule of law in Greece.”

“Illegal political persecution”

Eleni Touloupaki responds, among other things, to those who accuse her of “participation in a criminal organization”, which aimed to put pressure on politicians to serve the interests of Novartis. “I have served faithfully in the judiciary for 22 years. I have never been prone to political pressure. I have never thought in terms of political expediency. “No politician has influenced us,” he replies.

Elsewhere, she notes about the charges and the proceedings against her: “The prosecutor who filed the charges against me said that she was based only on the findings of a parliamentary committee, which is controlled by the governing majority. “There have been some violations of the rule of law that will surely be condemned by the European Court of Human Rights.”

She was in Brussels last week to discuss her case. What does he seek? “I defend the reputation of Greek justice and my own honor, wherever and however I can. I draw attention to violations of the rule of law in the EU because I consider the EU to be my enlarged homeland. “The question is not what I expect, but how the EU institutions will meet the expectations of European citizens.” In closing, he tells Spiegel: “The development of the case will be the cornerstone for the Greek institutions. It is certain that people who did their job, who did their duty, are now being persecuted by illegal and invalid methods. “Since its inception, Greece has been a country where corruption thrives uncontrollably.”

Source DW

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