Fighting continues in Fidonisi on the Black Sea, says London


London, Thanasis Gavos

The battles in Fidonisi of the Black Sea continue, states in its morning update the British Ministry of Defenseas the Russians repeatedly try to strengthen the exposed guard who have settled there.

It is noted that the Ukrainians have successfully hit Russian air defense and refueling vessels with Bayraktar type drone. In general, Russian supply vessels have little protection in the western Black Sea following the retreat of the Russian navy to Crimea following its loss. cruiser Moskvapoints out the British information.

The ministry estimates that the Russians’ efforts to increase their forces in Fidonisi offer Ukrainians more opportunities to engage in battles with Russian forces and cause damage to equipment.

“If Russia consolidates its position on the island of Zmini (Fidonisi) with a strategic air defense and coastal defense cruise missiles, it could dominate the northwestern Black Sea.” concludes the briefing from London.

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