PCT: Acceptance of Dport’s proposals for BCC decided by dockers’ unions


The acceptance of Dport’s financial proposalsfor the collective agreementdecided the three dockers’ unions in the Container Station Piraeus.

These are the unions, “Union of Employees in Companies Operating in Pier II and III Piraeus” (SEEDP), the “Piraeus Container Workers ‘Union” (ENEDEP) and the “Hellenic Workers’ Union” (ENEL).

The company Dport, which manages port services on behalf of Cosco in the commercial port of Piraeus in Neo Ikonio, is expected to prepare a draft, in order to discuss the terms of the collective labor agreement with the representatives of the three unions.

The financial proposal of the company for the BCC, which is from 01/06 with retroactive effect from 01/01/22, was submitted to the three dockers’ unions on Friday 06/05.

DPort Services has announced that it supports the inclusion of the workforce in heavy payrolls by speeding up the procedures for the legal inclusion of employees in them.

He also states that he is at the disposal of the employees for the coordination of the actions required for the achievement of the goal.

For the Edenred cards, he emphasizes that they will be credited with another 5 euros per productive salary with retroactive effect from 1/1/2022 and the amount per productive salary through the Edenred card will become 10 euros.

Also the leave allowance that will be paid on Thursday 30/6/2022 will be calculated with the new salaries.

According to Dport, after the three unions meet with the management of the company and agree on the terms of the BCC, its drafting and its posting in the information system “ERGANI” is expected.


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