His dialogue with a mysterious man in Red Square – Rumors that he may be his successor


Rumors about his health Vladimir Putin erupt once more.

The Russian president was seen limping and sitting in his chair with a blanket during the Victory Day events in Red Square, and in fact now even opened a discussion about his succession.

According to “Newsweek” magazine, a video was released on Twitter in which Putin talking to a man during the parade, who is believed to be his replacement.

“The young man with whom Putin had a long and honest conversation in Red Square is the head of the presidential administration. Dmitry KovalevWrote on Twitter the Ukrainian racing driver Igor Sushko who shared the video

“Rumors immediately began to circulate that he could be Putin’s chosen successor,” Susko added.

Newsweek as reported could not independently verify whether this is the real identity of the man.

The Telegram Bazaar also claimed that Putin was talking to Kovalev and that he was a possible successor to the leader.

Source: skai.gr

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