Alexiou’s intervention for burning books – What the famous singer says (vid)


What was the attitude of Haris Alexiou about the incident in Chalkida – Why did she want to intervene publicly

The her sorrows expressed the well-known singer Haris Alexiou, via Instagrmam, about the incident that occurred in Chalkida with the burning of books by Eugenios Trivizas.

Specifically, Haris Alexiou uploaded a short video in which she refers to the incident and characterizes the movement of the protesters as “humiliating”, both for themselves and for our country.

On the evening of Sunday, December 12, in a protest rally behind courts of Chalkida, Protesters, including his parents, burned his book in a metal bin Eugenios Trivizas, which concerns period of the pandemic and which was distributed last week to schools. Also, in the same bucket they burned masks and rapid test, while they characterized the book of Eugenios Trivizas means of propaganda.

Haris Alexiou intervened through her personal account on Tuesday afternoon and conveyed her sincere grief for the incident.

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