Kyiv: Russia responsible for consequences of gas cut-off through Sokhranif


THE Russia must be held responsible for which humanitarian impact after the Russian gas flow to Europe via a transit point in Ukraineas announced today by the management company of the Ukrainian gas transmission network.

Ukraine announced yesterday, Tuesday, that it will cut off the flow of gas through the Sohranifka transit point. The country said that the actions of Russian forces, which invaded Ukraine on February 24, endanger the stability and security of the entire Ukrainian gas transmission system and that it would transfer these flows to another location.

“This morning (the Russian state gas company) Gazprom in the territory of the Russian Federation stopped the transfer from the Russian Federation to the point of entry ‘Sohranifka'”, wrote in a Facebook post Sergei Makogon, general manager of the managing company gas of Ukraine. He also said that cranes were installed without authorization at the pipeline installations on Ukrainian territory, which, according to him, have been occupied by Russian forces. This, he said, has made it impossible to feed consumers in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, large parts of which are in the hands of pro-Russian separatists.

“The Russian authorities bear full responsibility for the humanitarian consequences of these actions,” he wrote in his post.

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