On 3 fronts the development of military forces on the border


Its principles Belarus has deployed its armed forces on the border with Ukraine as its western allies “they are building their military presence” in the area.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Viktor Gulevicclaimed that Ukraine had sent about 20,000 people near the border with Belarus and added that the move required a “answer».

In a statement to the Telegram he said: “The team that was created in the last six months has more than doubled in both quantity and quality “.

«The emergence in the Mediterranean and Baltic waters of a group carrying cruise and air cruise missiles, the growth of the airline group in Poland and the Baltic countries show a growing threat to the Republic of Belarus“, He pointed out.

Mr Gulevic said troops had been deployed in the area. “in order to ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus».

«The group created by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the southern operational direction with a total number of up to 20,000 people also demands a response from us“, He added.

«To ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus in the south, the forces of the Special Operations Forces units are deployed in three tactical directions“, concluded.

Source: skai.gr

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