Caroline Murder Trial: What the 34-year-old pilot said in his apology


The description of the day before the crime was started by 34 year old pilotwho apologizes for three hours for Freshwater crimeie the murder of his wife, Caroline.

Shortly before the final stage of his apology, the pilot told the court that Caroline, after her miscarriage and the mental strain caused by the incident, began to have outbursts of anger which she said she had since adolescence but did not he had never seen himself before.

The pregnancy that followed with the series of problems that arose due to an illness diagnosed from the third month of pregnancy, but also the birth of the baby who was in hospital for a month and a half, made things worse, so the 20-year-old hit him according to the accused.

President: But why is he attacking you?

Defendant: I do not know.

President: We usually attack where we are afraid, where we feel threatened.

Defendant: I would not call it a threat. There have been violent outbursts of anger since adolescence. She said so herself.

President: Did you see this violence early on? Didn’t you tell me something?

Defendant: I did not consider it problematic.

President: Well, how is it not problematic for someone to hit you?

Defendant: There was no incident of violence before the period we are discussing. He may have been very angry, shouting and then apologizing.

According to the pilot, the victim “had violent tendencies that she lost control of herself. All I had to do was accept, whatever I had to accept, whether physical or verbal. I felt I had to absorb her outburst. I learned to live with it and after her outbursts we were a hug. After some outbursts that, especially two, were dangerous for me. I do not want to say more. Let’s say he may have thrown something by mistake that threatened to hit me badly. “After that, we decided to go to Mrs. Mylonopoulou.”

Asked by the president if the wife’s behavior was the one for which they decided to go to a specialist, the pilot replied that “we decided that for a number of months we neglected to arrange a mental charge from months of stress we went through. Caroline came to the conclusion that there was a problem. He got into the process of trying because our life was so beautiful. In 15 days, 14 were fairytale “.

President: So you went for your wife’s problem?

Defendant: We went to the psychologist to help – me and the psychologist – Caroline in her outbursts. To manage her anger and help me manage the loss of the first baby I had put aside and Caroline’s anger.

President: Indeed. That is, for the issues of the wife …

In another section the following dialogue followed:

President: Was there any complaint from her side?

Defendant: No, there was no general complaint. He is an intelligent man. If something bothers her, she will show it, she will be sour, she will get angry, she will say it and that is part of her sweetness. That’s how I fell in love with her.

President: She was dating her girlfriend on Friday, why did she have to pick you up?

Defendant: To go and get it.

President: Not to return by taxi?

Defendant: To take her girlfriend too. We had made it a custom for Friday to be the day. It was easier for me to get in a taxi in Syntagma and come, than to wake up the child to go get her.

President: I feel that you do not understand what the problem is. He looked like a man in utter confusion. Did you understand that?

Defendant: Yes. In moments of tension. There was the phrase “I’m going to leave”. But in moments of intense emotional instability. But always two hours later we sat in each other’s arms and dreamed about which school Lydia would go to.

President: Does “drowning” make any sense?

Defendant: It’s current.

President: When one reads the diary, one gets this feeling. Did you ever realize that?

Defendant: We did very well most of the time. All I cared about was how she would be happy. If we had a moment of tension in the afternoon, there was no way we could not sleep together.

President: How do you process the phrase “I love Babi but I can not be with him”?

Defendant: I justify it. He had a pressure because he was a man who fell on him a lot. Maybe in moments of my love I was pushing her. This entry in the diary you read […]I’m sure the next day we would be a hug.

According to the accused, any entry in the diary is “of that moment” and does not concern the general picture. As he said it did not cross his mind “no moment of the future, no plan that I do not have Caroline by my side”.

Asked by the president if the same was true of Caroline, the pilot replied that they were planning together their future, the school their daughter would go to, “the house we would build with a garden for our children and pets to play in” .

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