The first moments after her cold-blooded murder – video


Shocks the video with Jordanian journalist for Al JazeeraShireen Abu Aqla, που was killed in the Palestinian territories and makes the rounds of social media.

As heard in the video they fall continuous shots and a little later the camera turns to where fell dead the war correspondent.

A colleague has crouched over her and he calls desperately for help.

Apparently, the unfortunate journalist lying on the road was wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet.

Earlier, the Qatari-based television network announced that correspondent of the television network in the Palestinian territories, Sirin Abu Aklech was “cold-bloodedly” killed by Israeli forces while covering clashes in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank.

«In what it is clearly a murderin violation of international rules, Israeli occupation forces cold-bloodedly killed Al Jazeera correspondent in Palestine, Sirin Abu Aklech, who was targeted by live ammunition early this morning“, Pointed out the television network in its announcement.

For her part Qatar’s Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs Luluah al-Haterstressed that the Al Jazeera journalist was killed “with a bullet in the face”.

«The Israeli occupation killed an Al Jazeera journalistSirin Abu Akleh, throwing a bullet in her face while wearing a vest with the word “press” and a helmet. He was covering the attack on the Jenin refugee camp. This terrorism of the Israeli state must STOP, unconditional support to Israel must STOP“, Al-Hater stressed in Twitter.


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