British, Swedish and Finnish agreements on enhancing European security


THE British Prime Minister can you Johnson announced today the concluding new agreements with the Sweden and Finland for strengthening European securitypledging to support the armed forces of the two countries in the event of an attack.

Johnson is expected to sign the new declarations, which London describes as “a major change in defense and security co-operation” during his current visits to Sweden and Finland.

“We stand firm and unequivocally in our support in both Sweden and Finland, and the signing of these declarations of security is a symbol of ever-present security between our nations,” he said in a statement.

The British government said in a statement: “The Prime Minister will determine the United Kingdom’s intention to support the two countries’ armed forces in the event of a crisis or an attack.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted Sweden and Finland to reconsider how they are shielding their national security.

Both countries are expected to join NATO, but both are concerned that they will be vulnerable during the processing of their applications, which could take up to a year.

Sweden has also received assurances of support from the US and Germany.

The British statement said the new agreements would increase intelligence sharing and speed up joint military training, high schools and development.

At the same time, Johnson stressed that sovereign states must be free to make difficult decisions. “The war in Ukraine is forcing us all to make difficult decisions, but sovereign states must be free to make those decisions without fear or influence or threat of retaliation,” he said, adding that London would support any decision by Sweden on a possible future NATO membership.

For her part, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson stressed that Stockholm and London had agreed on mutual assistance in the event of a crisis or attack, which could include the contribution of military resources.

“In times of crisis, cooperation becomes even more important,” he said after talks with Johnson.

“If one of the two countries is destroyed or attacked, Britain and Sweden will help each other in many ways. “Support will be provided upon request by the affected country and may include military resources,” she said.

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