Haitian women outside their country become activists for the rights of women and migrants


When she was ten years old, Nina left Haiti with her family, first for the Dominican Republic in hopes of being able to study medicine in that country. There she met her husband and, together with her first child, they migrated to Brazil. With a second child and hope for a better future, they decided to migrate to Canada. After crossing one of the most dangerous migratory routes in the area, the Darién Gap, they arrived in Panama, where they are stranded because they have no money to continue their journey.

The twins Jessica and Jess Valcin, for their part, faced racial discrimination and were victims of harassment. They arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, in 2017 and since then they have offered their support to the Haitian community. Both study psychology and participate in different cultural initiatives to raise awareness about the rights of migrants and fight against discrimination.

The experiences of these women, often marked by discrimination, abuse and violence, have been catalysts for them to dream, lead and become activists.

Learn about the full story of these and other women on the page of the International Organization for Migration.

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