Finland announces NATO bid tomorrow – Joint statement with Sweden follows


Tomorrow (Thursday) the President of Finland (ss Sauli Niinisto) will announce the intention of the country to join NATOfollowed by a government announcement at the weekend, and a joint statement by Finland and Sweden early next weekAlexander Stump told the BBC.

Finland joins NATO by 99.9%, said the former Prime Minister of the country.

Stubb said there was “overwhelming support” in Finland for joining the alliance, citing a poll on Tuesday that showed 76% in favor and 12% against – a large departure from pre-invasion findings. “The only person we can to thank is Putin“That is the reason why we will participate,” he commented sharply.

Stubb stresses Finland ‘not worried at all’ for the threats of Russia even for a “military response” if it becomes a member.

“It was always like this”, he recalls that when Iceland, Denmark and Norway joined in 1949 “the rhetoric was similar”.

He warned, however, that during the “gray zone” of the accession process – until the security guarantees of NATO Article 5 come into force – there could be Russian intimidation, cyber attacks and misinformation.

However, he made it clear that Finland and Sweden have some of the largest armies in Europe, and that their leaders receive security guarantees from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

“We feel very safe, “We are not worried about that at all (the Russian threats),” he said.


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