Google strikes deals with 300 publishers over payment for news


Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has agreements with more than three hundred news publishers in the Netherlands and other EU countries regarding payment for their news. The company will also facilitate author membership.

This decision follows a change in European copyright law. It states that publishers can charge fees to online platforms for displaying their publications.

“So far, we have signed agreements covering over 300 national, local and specialist news publishers from Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Ireland. And many other discussions are ongoing,” Google said. Reuters in a post on Wednesday.

The tech giant does not state how many of these companies are actually paid and exactly how much money they receive. It is also not known with which Dutch companies the company has agreements.

European publishers have challenged the power of Google and other platforms in recent years and called on regulators to investigate. The platforms have appropriated billions in ad revenue, publishers say.

In 2020, Google has already stopped displaying news from European publishers in the search results of French users. The subject has also been debated at length in Australia.

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