4.78 million euros to 23,931 beneficiaries of special purpose compensation in taxis


On payment 850,400 euros, to 4,252 beneficiaries of Special Purpose Compensation in taxi services during the month of April, yesterday, May 10, the Ministry of Finance with the cooperation of ΑΑΔΕto cover the increased cost of motor fuel of the vehicles they use, in the context of their professional activity.

After yesterday’s payment, the compensation, amounting to 200 euros per beneficiary, has been granted to a total of 23,931 beneficiaries and the total amount allocated amounts to at 4,786,200 euros.

The ΥΠΟΙΚ reminds that the compensation is, according to par. 3 of article 83 of law 4916/2022, tax-free, inalienable and unrestricted in the hands of the State or third parties, by way of derogation from any general and special provision, is not subject to any withholding, fee or levy, is not bound and offset by certified debts to the tax administration and the State in general, municipalities, regions, insurance funds or credit institutions and is not counted in the income threshold for the payment of any social or welfare benefits.

Source: skai.gr

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