Soldiers in Ukraine injure themselves or commit suicide to escape


A soldier who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media could not be reached for comment.

Andrei Usakov, 20, said he knew two front-line soldiers who shot themselves and lost their lives.

According to his descriptions, soldiers choose to shoot themselves on the battlefield, in an attempt to be sent home wounded instead of continuing to fight.

Some, even more desperate, commit suicide, as they can not even afford the prospect of a return trip to Russia. “At first they are afraid,” the soldier explains.

They also have no supplies. There is neither food nor water and in fact there are days when the portion of food was incomplete and was divided into three.

The young soldier comes from a small village and the only reason he went to enlist was to make some money to help his family. He told the Daily Mail that his mother was influenced by Russian propaganda. He himself tried to persuade her when the Ukrainians allowed him, as a prisoner, to have contact with her.

But according to the 20-year-old, his mother did not change her mind.

Source: Daily Mail

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