The scene of Caroline’s death was described by Babis Anagnostopoulos


After five hours of apology without a break, Babis Anagnostopoulos described in court the moment he realized that the Caroline she was dead from his own hands holding her breath with a pillow.

“I realized that she was dead from the pulses and that her eyes were open. He had a hematoma, “said the accused for the death of his wife.

As he said, in front of the result of his actions he started to cry. “I started to cry. To move up and down the room. Chaotic moments followed. I pull my hair. I cry, I walk around the room. “I am in complete confusion and disintegration.”

Referring to the eve of the crime, the pilot said that it was a normal day, while he wanted to start his narration from May 8 that “we were very happy. Caroline celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time. I got her flowers. “

According to the accused, the night in question was another outburst of the 20-year-old, on the occasion of an insignificant incident with a garment that was left on the stairs of the house, which he left to settle alone on the couch.

President: It does not seem to have been a big event …

Defendant: Then he said to me “well, feed her and do whatever you want, I’m going to bed. I stayed with the little one too.

President: Things are not very serious.

Defendant: He was the forerunner of an outbreak. I know what will come. This one hour with the nerves… I know that I should not add oil to the fire. The usual thing I would do was wait and after forty five minutes he would send me a message …

Unfortunately that did not happen that night.

According to the accused, he went up to the bedroom with the intention of ending the tension.

“I went to hug her to show that it was over. He went to shake and with his left elbow reacted, as if to say “do not hug me”. I realized it was not positive. I thought it would have passed. In all the incidents of violence that had happened after a while she calmed down.

President: What followed? Did he tell you something?

Defendant: He turned to look at me, said “leave” and “do not bring me the little one”. I told her “my love…”.

President: “My love” does not indicate a boil of mental anger, my love does not indicate such a thing…

Defendant: At first I went to hug her… after the first blow I went up to the bed on her.

President: Why did you climb on it?

Defendant: She was being beaten and I was trying to hug her. I wanted to tell her how he hit the little one.

President: But you told us that happened two and a half hours ago. After that you left with the child and went downstairs. Two and a half hours had passed.

Defendant: At that time I had a mixture of anger, sadness and grief.

Defendant said that Caroline’s move to repel them, himself and the baby, scared him because he was afraid that in her anger it was dangerous for the child. He stressed that the 20-year-old was a perfect mother, but that night he panicked.

President: Was there any behavior of the mother until that day that scared you about the child?

Defendant: It was not the first time that her outburst affected the child.

I wanted him to calm down.

President: How would you calm down while you were on top of her?

Defendant: This time was the exception.

President: What takes life away ότε When did you feel out of control?

Defendant: When she was chasing me while I was telling her “do you understand what you did? You hit the child. “

Earlier, the pilot said he considered Caroline an ideal mother and received many questions from the president about whether or not she was dangerous for the child.

President: I ask you directly. Do you think that if God woke up for this woman it would be dangerous for the child?

Defendant: I do not consider her a violent person. She may have hit her partner 50 times but he is not herself.

President: It was part of the reality you were living. Your wife’s image is not only imaginary but also traumatic. And you see a piece that you did not like even though you describe it to us so wonderful and she through her diary seems to see in you things that she did not like.

Defendant: I do not rule out that I may have idealized Caroline in everything from the love I had for her. I do not rule out not seeing things.

“I thought of presenting a robbery scene, to make them believe I hung Roxy”

Afterwards, he thought of presenting Caroline’s murder as a robbery, Babis Anagnostopoulos, who has completed more than seven hours of apology before the MOD, said referring to the chapter “crime cover-up”.

“I thought of presenting a scene of a robbery. “There was no logic and a clear mind,” said the 34-year-old, to immediately hear the president’s remark.

President: What you presented became credible. I personally believed you. We all experienced this crime. Greek police have charged the robbers. When did the instinct for self-preservation begin to set the stage for robbery?

Defendant: The first thought is that there is no way to believe that a robbery took place without harming anything. The only unbelievable thing I could do to make it happen was to hurt the animal. It was the first thought in my desperate mind…

With this report, the pilot also told the judges about the killing of Roxy, the puppy that Caroline loved so much. “I took the dog and put his leash on the collar and put it on the railing of the stairs. “At the time of her death and she was crying, I left and went to the kitchen because I could not see it.”

President: Was the death instantaneous?

Defendant: I left, it was impossible to look at Roxy. I went to the kitchen where all this does not seem.

President: Did he make a sound?

She cried, as the dogs cried. It lasted a few seconds…

The accused then described the scene that he set up so that the space could be seen upset while immediately after he thought of the security camera. “I pulled the camera cable. There was no plan. I took out the memory card; I ran home in a panic and did what was irrational. “

President: Why did you choose to put the baby on her mother?

Defendant: She would be better off in her crib. In the situation we reached… I wanted the child to be as good as possible. Last move was to tie a string. I tied my legs and arms together and tied my eyes and mouth.

President: Why were no fingerprints found on the objects you touched that are related to the subsequent cover-up?

Defendant: At one point when I took the window out of the basement I put on the machine gloves. Maybe I took off the camera with my gloves on. At one point I went down to the basement, got the gloves to do the rest of the hiding. By mistake I could not call the police first. I used my hands.

President: Then you report to the authorities about the robbery and for 37 days you hide the crime. Was that easy for you?

Defendant: Not at all easy. These 37 days for what was unjustified were no less torturous.

President: If that bothered you, why did you not go to the authorities to tell the truth?

Defendant: I think of my baby who has been my whole life, as well as his mother. I was on the couch at my paternal home hugging my baby and crying when I met people at Homicide. I honestly believed that sooner or later they would find the truth; I had many opportunities if I wanted to leave if my will was to leave the people closest to me.

President: Are you staying here to deal with the consequences of your actions?

Defendant: It is impossible for me to realize that I will never see my wife again. All I could do these days was hug my daughter and that I would never leave her. I was hoping that somehow I could do it magically.

President: Did you have the moral stature to raise this child?

Defendant: I was broken up and all I could do was try every second for someone who would not know her mother because of me. And Caroline should be by my side. Not here. To be somewhere else. My child deserves everything but he will never have everything because he does not have her manola, which I deprived her of.

President: Deprive your mother-in-law of what she was mourning.

Defendant: We mourned together. You are in a trial where the man on trial mourns every day.

President: Did you gain your freedom for thirty-seven days and raise your child?

Defendant: My life ended like this last year When I lost Caroline.

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