Municipalities must aim for 30% social rental housing


From now on, municipalities must strive to have 30% of their housing stock made up of social rental housing. They must also make every effort to welcome vulnerable groups, such as the homeless, more quickly, for example by giving them priority. This is what Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Housing and Regional Planning) wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives.

The aim is for housing associations to build a total of 250,000 new social rental units by 2030. Finding a suitable and affordable home is difficult for many people. This particularly applies to people who are in a vulnerable position, such as the homeless, those with status or people from an institution.

“Everyone deserves a home. It is often difficult for people who need extra care and attention to find suitable accommodation. Each municipality has the responsibility to provide enough housing for these groups,” says De Jonge.

The Minister also wants a proportional distribution between the different municipalities. There are now municipalities with less than 20% social housing and municipalities with more than 40%. This is why all municipalities must aim for a minimum of 30% social rental housing.

Municipalities that have already more than reached the 30% target can focus on building owner-occupied housing and rental housing for middle incomes. In addition, each municipality must develop a housing vision and a housing or emergency plan. This sets out what is needed in terms of support and how priority groups can be accommodated.

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