Commission: Reassures Reduced Russian Gas Deliveries – No Immediate Issue of Security of Supply


“While these developments may have an impact on the transit of gas to the EU, they do not pose any immediate supply security concerns for the EU,” said a European Commission spokesman on the issue of declining Russian gas supplies from Ukraine.

Asked by APE-MPE, the same Commission representative stressed that the Commission had been informed by Ukraine of its inability to provide effective operational control at the Novopskov compressor station.

“The station has been controlled by the Russian authorities since the beginning of April, with the Ukrainian staff being under pressure in its daily activities.

Authorities in Ukraine say unauthorized gas diversions have taken place in Russian-controlled areas of the country. The current situation is clearly the result of actions by the Russian side.

“Ukraine has been a reliable transit partner for many years,” the commission said.

In addition, the Commission spokesman stressed that the Ukrainian authorities have now declared a state of “force majeure”, which means that flows through the interconnection point at Sokhranifka (Russian-Ukrainian border) will be cut off.

“Flows through this interconnection represent about a quarter of the transit of Russian gas to the EU. The Ukrainian authorities have asked Gazprom to channel the transit of gas through an alternative route with available capacity (Suja). “No response has been received yet,” the commission spokesman said.

Finally, the Commission stands in solidarity with Ukraine and commends the efforts of all staff working in extremely difficult conditions to keep the energy system stable and to ensure that its obligations as a transit country are met despite the war.

The Commission is in regular contact with the Ukrainian authorities and is expected to hold a briefing between Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson and Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Galustchenko.

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