Kikilias: This year we will have a very good tourist season


After the successful rebranding of Greece that made the country a safe destination, thanks to the successful handling of the government in dealing with the pandemic, now comes a very good tourist season.

The above was emphasized by the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias welcoming the Conference of the Panhellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Offices (HATTA) on “Re-Ally Tourism: The Hellenic and European Travel Agents Initiative”.

“Are there other beautiful places in the world? Of course. “But no other destination is like Greece,” said the minister, noting that “the work we have done is bearing fruit and it seems that this year we will have a very good tourist season.”

Mr. Kikilias stressed that this year a specific strategy is being implemented to boost tourism “something, however, that we could not achieve without you, without your work and cooperation,” he said, addressing the representatives of the country’s travel agencies.

“I want to thank you very much for the very close and efficient cooperation we had during the two difficult years of the pandemic, when very strict protocols had to be implemented, but they allowed the country to open its borders first and safely and to receive travelers,” he said. Mr. Kikilias.

Regarding the difficulties arising from external factors and that Greece, like other countries, has to face, he stressed that no one could ever have imagined that in 2022 we would be facing not only a pandemic, but also a raging war. in the heart of Europe.

However, as he pointed out, specific interventions have been made and are being made, so that any vibrations are absorbed and the results of these efforts are already visible from the numbers in arrivals and reservations and make us optimistic that tourism will have a strong positive sign this year.

The Minister of Tourism also referred to the investments coming to our country from world giants of Europe, the USA, as well as from Israel and the projects of upgrading the hotel infrastructure resulting in the possibility of providing high quality services to high spenders tourists from all over the world. world and especially from America, from which half a million direct passengers are expected to come this year.

“But apart from the agreement we reached with American Airlines for direct flights, the German Condor flies to Athens after 25 years, I have seen representatives of Air France and Transavia from where we expect many travelers and to more destinations than in the past, as in Skiathos and Lefkada, while the numbers we have from the Scandinavian countries and Britain are excellent “, said Mr. Kikilias.

Regarding the Balkan countries, he pointed out that in order to attract these travelers, a specific plan and strategy is being implemented that gives, as for Romania, the first country in road tourism, for which Greece is the number 1 destination this year.

It is noted that the meeting was held in the framework of the organization of the annual General Assembly of HATTA members and was related to the latest developments in the field of tourism in Europe and the next day in the post-Covid -19 era.

Representatives of major tourism operators and travel agency associations from France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Poland took part, among others.

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