He also signed a declaration of solidarity with Finland in Helsinki


London, Thanasis Gavos

Declaration of Solidarity with Finland, similar to the one he had signed earlier with Prime Minister of Swedensigned late in the afternoon in Helsinki Boris Johnson.

THE Prime Minister of the United Kingdom signed the declaration at a ceremony at the Finnish Presidential Palace with the President of the Scandinavian country Sauli Niinistστε.

As Mr Johnson noted, the declaration is clear that in the event of disaster or attack in one of the two countries there will be assistance from the other, including “of course” military support. But, as he said, any help from Britain will be provided “on request” and will depend on what Finland will ask in such a case.

He added that with the signing of the pact, the two countries formalized their commitment that they will always turn to each other for help. As he stressed, this is not a short-term solution as long as Finland is considering NATO membership, but a long-term commitment.

Mr. Johnson also said that the pact will intensify bilateral cooperation to “unprecedented” heights, by deepening military and defense cooperation, such as e.g. the exchange of security information and cyber security.

“The Russian invasion has changed the equation of European security and rewritten reality,” Boris Johnson said.

He assessed that this invasion “has already failed due to the unbridled courage of the Ukrainian people” and because “this fighting spirit has united the rest of the world.”

Answering reporters’ questions, Mr Johnson said it was important to have strong international co-operation to prevent further “disasters” from Russian aggression.

As for Finland’s prospect of joining NATO, Boris Johnson said it was a defense alliance, while President Niinistστε called on Russian President Putin to “look in the mirror”, saying he was raising security concerns that the Nordic country hesitates to invade neighboring states.

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