Malta: The first country in Europe to allow limited cultivation and possession of cannabis for personal use


Malta today became the first European country to allow the limited cultivation and possession of cannabis for personal use, following the passage of a law by parliament.

The law was approved by a vote of 36 to 27 and allows Malta adults to own up to 7 grams of cannabis and grow up to 4 plants.

The use of cannabis in public places will remain illegal. Anyone caught using cannabis in front of minors will pay a fine of between 300-500 euros.

Many countries have decriminalized the use and possession of marijuana for “recreational purposes” in recent years, but laws are often vague.

In Malta, the law also provides for the establishment of non-profit associations that can produce and sell cannabis to their members, which can not exceed 500.

Labor Prime Minister Robert Abella had urged lawmakers to vote in favor of the proposal “to tackle a problem”, reduce the risks associated with cannabis use and not force users to resort to the black market. . He also explained that he wants to save the parents from the “trauma” of seeing their children brought to justice because they smoked a cigarette, but keeping the pressure on the traders. “Drug trafficking will remain illegal,” he said.

The opposition Nationalist Party voted against the law, saying the reform “normalizes and will increase drug use” in the country.

Law enforcement and enforcement will be entrusted to a new public service, the Cannabis Responsible Use Authority.  

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