Nikos Filis: “CoE decision for the university police is wrong”


The decision of the CoE for the university police is criticized by the Department of Education of SYRIZA-PS, Nikos Filis, and claims that “it is the job of students and university students to ensure the necessary climate of academic freedom and calm.”

Referring to the court decision, he claims: “This is a wrong decision, by which Greece is excluded from the European reality, according to which it is the responsibility of the university authorities themselves to safeguard university asylum.” He goes on to generalize his critique of the Supreme Court:

“Once again, the CoE is moving away from its liberal tradition. Its jurisprudence is increasingly reflecting ideological conceptions of the deep state.

What to remember first? The decisions that considered the memorandum cuts of rights and incomes constitutional? The abolition of the law on the citizenship of immigrants born in Greece? The decision on TV licenses? The decision according to which the religious lesson is imposed as a catechism lesson?

To be fair, a similar conservative approach to critical social and political issues is observed in other supreme courts internationally, such as recently in the US on the right to abortion. “Everywhere, of course, societies are reacting and defending democratic conquests.”

He goes on to say that “we will wait for the decision to be made public, which in fact has a strong minority”, but adds: “I wonder, however, why the president of the CoE urged him to issue a brief announcement. In fact, at a time when the tension in the universities is rising, as the police control of the university premises is attempted.

We see, however, a strange reversal: the Supreme Court seems to be interpreting the Constitution on the basis of law. This is obviously another trial with a political content. The decision does not take into account the social parameters, at a time when the crisis is deteriorating and its authoritarian treatment is only foreshadowed with deadlocks “.

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