What will happen if Russia invades Transnistria, Papafloratos explains


His assessment that o war may extend further south in case the Russians invade Transnistria expressed the international law professor and professor of military schools, Giannis Papafloratos, speaking to the main news bulletin of SKAI and Sia Kosioni.

«If we are talking about violating the territorial integrity of a second state then things are changing. Transnistria is de facto autonomous, with its own parliament and its own currency, but it belongs to Moldova. Although Moldova is not a NATO member, it is a sister country to Romania. So it is possible that Romania will intervene“, He stated characteristically.

He added that if the Moldovans appeal for help, as they do not have a large army, the Romanians will be the first to rush. «What happens next; We know that there is Article 5 of the North Atlantic Alliance. Will the other NATO member states commit as well? There is also traffic to Belarus. Its army may be small, but if we have a new attack from the north then the balances change again.“, He pointed out.

Another question, according to Mr. Papafloratos, is what happens to me the bridges over the river Dnieper. «The Ukrainians do not destroy them either because they believe in victory and through them they supply the front line, but neither do the Russians destroy them. And they do not do it because they want to strengthen the forces, to be trapped and to destroy the Ukrainian army. But if Ukrainian forces are destroyed in Donbas, the road to Kyiv opens. There are too few forces to stop the Russian forces[πιστεύουνστηνίκηκαιμέσωαυτώντροφοδοτούντηνπρώτηγραμμήαλλάούτεοιΡώσοιτιςκαταστρέφουνΚαιδεντοκάνουνγιατίθέλουνναενισχυθούνοιδυνάμειςναεγκλωβιστούνκαινακαταστρέψουνπλέοντονουκρανικόστρατόΑνόμωςκαταστραφούνοιδυνάμειςτωνΟυκρανώνστοΝτονμπάςοδρόμοςπροςτοΚίεβοανοίγειΕίναιπολύλίγεςοιδυνάμειςπουβρίσκονταιώστενασταματήσουντιςρωσικέςδυνάμεις“, He stressed.

In terms in the “mammoth” package of 40 billion euros approved by the US for military assistance to Ukrainethe internationalist stressed that the West believes in the victory of Ukraine.

«The initial assessment has changed and Westerners believe that Ukraine can win. For the first time since World War II, the United States and Britain are disbursing large sums of money to help an ally with weapons. Of course, it is not only the weapons, as these sums are used to keep the Ukrainian economy afloat, because exports have stopped, salaries, pensions must be paid and the public sector must function.“, He stated.

He added that Ukraine resists, endures and now the West is talking about victory. «While in the beginning they said to limit the losses and not to collapse Kyiv. Kyiv is safe for now and the whole battle is in Donbas“, write down.

Asked what will judge the course of the war, Mr. Papafloratos pointed out that The armaments now coming from the West are massive, but the Ukrainians need time to train. «Today we learned that 60 Ukrainians went to Germany to be trained in a weapons system. They want a period of 3-4 weeks. Hence the course of the war is expected to change in late May to early June“, explained.

Source: skai.gr

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