Johnson: Promised measures to alleviate vulnerable households


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said today that his government will provide additional support to vulnerable households that are struggling to cope due to rising inflation.

Asked by a reporter about the cost of military aid to Ukraine at a time when people in Britain are unable to have heating in their homes, Johnson said his government is taking steps to address the rising cost of living.

“Of course there will be additional support in the coming months, as things remain difficult due to rising energy prices,” he said during a visit to Finland.

Last week, the Bank of England forecast that inflation in Britain would peak above 10% and warned that the economy was facing the risk of recession, intensifying pressure on Boris Johnson and his government to expand support measures to address the high cost of living.

Finance Minister Risi Sunak has said he wants to wait to see how much energy prices rise in the next scheduled review in October, before deciding what kind of support measures are needed.

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