Putin does not want to face the NATO army


The Pentagon estimates that Vladimir Putin does not want to face the NATO alliance militarilysaid the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

«As you look at Putin’s calculations, my view – and I’m sure the president has his own view – but my view is that Russia does not want to deal with the NATO alliance.“, He stated characteristically.

He stressed that there are 1.9 million troops in NATO and that “This is a battle that (Putin) does not really want to have».

In fact, he reportedly said that “if Russia decides to attack any nation that is a member of NATO, the game changes. “NATO would probably respond as a coalition in some form or another. “This is something that NATO has looked at …”, he pointed out.

The US Secretary of Defense added that “if Russia escalates against NATO, it would quickly turn into another type of competition that no one wants to see.”

The remarks come as Russia continues to struggle to achieve its goals in Ukraine, three months after an invasion began and it moved towards the capital.

Now, Moscow has refocused its efforts on east and southbut is considered to note minimal progress as the war continues.

Source: skai.gr

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