Ukraine will fight for 100 years with the consequences of the war


THE Ukraine will have to fight for 100 years with the consequences of the warwarned Chancellor Olaf Soltzreferring among other things to the bombs that will remain on its territory for decades, while the president of Argentina Alberto Fernandes expressed concern about the risk of a global food crisis due to the disruption of Ukrainian exports. The two leaders, who met today in Berlin, spoke of a war with consequences for the whole world and called for an immediate ceasefire.

“Those who live in Germany know that bombs dropped during World War II are still being discovered today (…) We know that such wars have long-term consequences. “Ukraine must now prepare to fight the consequences of this war for the next 100 years.”said Mr. Soltz and stressed that Western countries should work together to rebuild the country.

In this spirit, the Chancellor welcomed the G20 Invitation to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to take part in the Summit to be held in November in Indonesia. “This is a very important message. “It shows that the debate over the future of the group of the world’s leading economic powers cannot be left unaffected by the war in Ukraine,” he said. Ukraine.

For his part, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez stressed that the war in Ukraine is no longer an issue between Russia and Ukraine or between NATO and Russia, “but for the whole world” and referred to areas of Latin America that have already been deserted. due to climate change and can no longer be cultivated. At the same time, food and energy prices are rising, and sanctions against Russia are affecting everyone. “The war must stop,” he said, referring to the European Union’s trade with Latin America, and spoke of “protectionism” in some areas, which he said posed a major challenge to EU-Mercosur relations.

Olaf Solz also expressed concern about the possibility of famine in many parts of the worldif countries that play a major role in food security, such as Ukraine, are not able to continue their specific activity.

Earlier, o UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed deep concern for him risk of widespread starvation, as the war in Ukraine threatens food security in various parts of the world.

Speaking next to the Austrian Chancellor and Foreign Minister in Vienna, Guterres also said that Talks on evacuation of other civilians from conflict zones in Ukraine under way and expressed confidence that more removals would be made in the future.

However downgraded the prospect of holding peace talks coming soon for Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has launched them international prices for cereals, cooking oils, fuels and fertilizerswith the United Nations warning that price increases will exacerbate the food crisis in Africa.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine since February has disrupted shipping to the Black Sea, a major route for grain and other goods, blocking exports from Ukraine and Russia.

«I must say that I am deeply concerned, in particular, about the dangers of famine spreading to different parts of the world because of the dramatic food security situation we are facing due to the war in Ukraine.“, Said Guterres.

Following a visit to Moldova, a small country that has opened its doors to refugees from neighboring Ukraine, Guterres called on the European Union to increase financial support for the Chisinau government.

Speaking earlier in the day, he emphasized that the time had come for peace talks with Ukraine to be held, but said he did not see this happening in the near future.

“This war will not last forever. “The time will come when peace talks will take place,” Guterres said, adding that “I do not see this in the near future. But I can say one thing. We will never give up “, he added, according to comments that were translated into German by an official translator.

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