The vast majority of homes sold above asking price last year


Last year, 73% of owner-occupied houses were sold above the asking price and just under 20% were sold below, according to a study by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Land Registry Thursday. In 2020, just under half of homes sold above asking price.

It is striking that homes have been overpriced across the country and not just in major cities, as was the case in the past. In 2021, only a few municipalities sold on average below the price, especially in expensive municipalities such as Blaricum, Laren and Wassenaar.

There was also a growing one-upmanship. In seventeen municipalities, houses were purchased for 10% more than their asking price, while this has not happened in any municipality in recent years.

The more homes sold above the asking price, the tighter the housing market. This is also evident from the transaction figures. In 2014, a house was still on the market for an average of a year and a half, and last year it was on average less than two months. According to CBS, this is an absolute minimum.

Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry carried out the survey on tensions in the owner-occupied housing market on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior.

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