Gas supply guaranteed despite power outages in Ukraine


The amount of gas reaching Germany via one of the main pipelines has been reduced by 25% after the cessation of supply from Ukrainethe government announced today, at the same time assuring that the country’s supply is currently guaranteed.

“Due to the reduction in transit, the volume of natural gas arriving in Germany via Ukraine via the Megal pipeline was reduced by 25% compared to the previous day. The losses were covered by a larger flow from Norway and the Netherlands “is mentioned in the relevant announcement. “Security of supply in Germany is still guaranteed”he said representative of the Ministry of Economy and added that the “Gas Crisis Management Committee” closely monitors the situation. The Association of Importers “Zukunft Gas”, for its part, clarified that the real picture will be clear in a few days.

Austria and Moldova do not face any restrictions on their supply, according to their governments. A spokesman for the Austrian energy watchdog E-Control said today that there was a slight reduction in gas flow at the Baumgarten junction, “but that the situation is not currently affecting supply”. The main energy company ÖMV was also reassuring, announcing that no effect of the outage has been noticed. Respectively, a representative of the network provider Moldovgaz assured that there are no problems in Moldova either.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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