Draghi from the USA: Russia is no longer Goliath, it is not invincible – What it agreed with Biden


“Russia is no longer Goliath. “The one that looked like a superpower, impossible to defeat on the battlefield and with conventional weapons, is no longer invincible,” Mario Draghi told reporters in Washington during his official visit to the United States.

The Italian prime minister added that in yesterday’s meeting with US President Joe Biden “they agreed, as a general assessment, on the need to have a ceiling on the price of gas”.

At the same time, however, he added that “even before the start of the war, prices did not correspond to the supply-demand relationship.”

The Italian technocratic prime minister, always referring to the proposal for a ceiling on gas prices, stressed that “some countries in Europe may have a different view, but Italy will continue to represent this position.”

Regarding the developments in Ukraine, Mario Draghi stressed that in his meeting with Joe Biden “they agreed that Ukraine should continue to receive support and at the same time put pressure on Moscow, but that there is also a need to begin to wonder how peace is built. ” “What is a victory should be said by Ukrainian President Zelensky, not us,” said the Italian prime minister.

Referring to the payments of Russian gas in rubles, Draghi stressed that the issue “is a gray area”, emphasizing that “in fact, most of the gas importers, but also Germany, which is the largest importer, have already opened accounts or have paid in rubles “and, for the time being, opposed the termination of the dialogue with Russia in the framework of the G20.

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