German minister cites need to see her child to justify military helicopter travel


The German Defense Minister referred to the limited personal time and the need to maintain contact with her son, referring to the discussion that has erupted because the 21-year-old, as it was revealed, was traveling with her in military planes and helicopters.

“As a minister, I am in a situation where I have very little time for privacy and especially for contact with my son. “I ask for your understanding, as it is about maintaining contact with the child”, the minister said on the first channel of the German public television ARD and stressed that “everything was legally correct”, meaning that, as provided, the costs are not borne by the taxpayers , but are privately covered. Ms. Lambrecht, however, acknowledged that there should be some consequences from this criticism and said that in the future her travels “will be completely different” and that she will be careful not to give rise to such comments. “Contact with my son, however, is important to me as a mother,” she said, adding that she was the one who tempted her to make a decision she said she would not take “afterwards”. However, she stressed that she reserves the right to react according to the statements made these days about herself and her family and if there are false allegations about the facts.

According to Business Insider magazine, Christine Lambrecht traveled to the cosmopolitan island of Zilt in the North Sea over the Easter days, while the war in Ukraine was raging and the discussion about the shipment of heavy weapons from Germany was in progress. He had previously passed through a camp in Schleswig-Holstein, about 50 kilometers from the island, which is accessible by road and rail. Her son, Alexander Lambrecht, flew with her in the government military helicopter, who announced his trip with relevant posts on his Instagram account. In some of them, the interior of the helicopter and the cockpit can be seen, raising safety issues. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Arne Kolatz, explained that the photo was harmless, as the helicopter did not contain any special military equipment, while he stated that he did not know who took the photo in question. According to him, Ms. Lambrecht has already paid the amount of 261 euros for her son’s flight, based on the Lufthansa invoice for a corresponding commercial flight, as provided by the regulations.

However, according to Justice Department spokesman Aike Hozeman, Ms. Lambrecht had traveled abroad with her son and had previously served as justice minister on seven occasions. The costs incurred, he noted, were charged separately and reimbursed by Christine Lambrecht.

The representative of the German Ministry of Defense, after a storm of questions about whether the minister and the government are exposed, limited himself to answering that “the important thing is not to burden the taxpayer and the government and this was observed”, while regarding responsibility for the publication of the photos, noted that it belongs to Mrs. Lambrecht’s son.

However, the issue has provoked reactions, even from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) to which Mrs. Lambrecht belongs. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mutsenich has made it clear that he has never flown in a military helicopter, while former Christian Democrats (CDU) Secretary-General Paul Cimiak wrote: “The term ‘mother-helicopter’ is now being coined. . The secretary of K.O. CDU Thorsten Fry, for his part, said “there are things that are forbidden and things that you just do not do.”

As for Chancellor Olaf Soltz, Deputy Government Spokeswoman Christiane Hoffman only stated that the Chancellor was working with the Secretary of Defense “closely and in a spirit of confidence”.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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