Miami flat drama survivors and loved ones settle for $1 billion


Parties charged with the collapse of a Florida building last year are paying at least $997 million (nearly 950 million euros) to survivors and relatives of victims, according to the report. Miami Herald

The 12-story building in Surfside, near Miami, collapsed in June last year. 98 people died. Rescuers searched for bodies in the rubble for more than a month.

The cause of the disaster is still unclear, but three years before the collapse warnings had already been given about the condition of the 40-year-old building.

The victims and their relatives have filed a lawsuit against ten parties, including the Municipality of Surfside, the project developers, engineering firms and the resort owners association.

This. it is exceptional for such a large settlement matter to be settled in less than a year. How the money will be split between survivors and relatives is still unknown.

The final amount could be more than a billion, calculated the Miami herald. The newspaper won the prestigious US Pulitzer Prize in the Breaking News category on Monday for its coverage of the disaster.

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