He won 6.3 million euros in the JOKER with 3 euros


Three euros was enough to change a life into one super lucky in Koswho won 6,311,027.88 euros in yesterday’s draw JOKER. The big winner of the first category in the popular game of OPAP submitted his ticket, worth 3 euros, to the OPAP store of Christina Papachristou, located in Kardamena. “We are really very happy that our store helped change the life of one of our fellow villagers. We do not know the big winner, however we wish him good health and to enjoy the big prize in any way he wishes “, emphasizes the owner of the OPAP lucky store, Christina Papachristou.

They broke the phones in the lucky agency

The super lucky JOKER is a topic of discussion for the whole island and, as Ms. Papachristou notes, “since the morning, the phones have been broken, both at home and at the agency. The whole local community is involved in this pleasant event and it gives us great joy that our store brought good luck to the big winner “.

Regarding the lucky ticket, Ms. Papachristou explains: “It was a ticket with six columns, worth 3 euros, with personal number choices. I am sure that the winner will never forget the specific numbers. It is unbelievable to earn so much money with just 3 euros. Besides, let’s not forget that 15 jackpots had preceded, with the amount of 6.3 million euros being the second largest for 2022 “.

Luck in the JOKER for the 2nd time

Ms. Papachristou’s OPAP store has been in operation for more than 40 years, while it has been in its possession since 1996. In fact, it has proven to be lucky again in the past. “The store was first opened by my father about 40 years ago and I have been operating it since 1996. During this time we had many successes. The most recent were 3 years ago, when a 5-pointer was found in the JOKER who won 100,000 euros and a lucky SCRATS who won the same amount. “May we continue to bring success to even more winners”, emphasizes Mrs. Papachristou.

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