US-Turkey rapprochement – Biden sells arms package to Ankara


As the Greek government invests geostrategically and politically in its alliance with the United States, with the prime minister preparing for a trip to Washington, the US leadership is extending a hand of friendship to Turkey, moving on to another goodwill move. The White House has asked Congress to approve the upgrade of Turkey’s F-16s, as well as the sale of advanced weapons and equipment, such as missiles and radar.

The Biden government, despite having “gritted its teeth” in Turkey in the past over the S-400 affair and its geopolitical embrace with Russia, never thought of ousting an extremely important ally. The geopolitical importance of Ankara for the North Atlantic Alliance and Washington is very important, and this is something that the White House has been recalling very frequently lately. The US rejection of the East Med project, just as Turkey initially wanted, is a recent example, reinforced by the US leadership’s decision to reinforce Ankara militarily.

NATO’s “unruly” ally, the naughty Erdogan manages to successfully balance between two boats, those of the West and Russia. Playing a pivotal link between Ukraine and Russia and forming new alliances with old “enemies” such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Tayyip Erdogan is dispelling the narrative that was “cultivated” in Greece about international isolation. He succeeds, in fact, without being completely liked in the centers of power in Washington, in contrast to what may be the case for Greece, to have an open channel of communication with the White House and to make deals with it.

The new rapprochement with the United States, especially with the Biden administration, despite the ongoing objections in Washington to the unruly and Russophile – as Erdogan is called – is obviously extremely important and comes at a special time of geopolitical instability. and new correlations.

The White House is preparing a new package of 40 F-16s for sale in Turkey

Extremely interesting is what the Wall Street Journal claims about the intentions of the White House. The daily says that Biden’s proposal is a “poll” for the reaction of the Congress, in order to further promote the sale of 40 new F-16s in Turkey…

As for the current agreement sent to Congress, in addition to upgrading the current F-16s, it includes the sale of AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, AIM-120 Amraam missiles, along with radar and other equipment.

The State Department, in response to questions from reporters, said it “does not publicly confirm or comment on the proposed defense transfers until they are formally notified to Congress.”

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