The price of a box of eggs has rarely risen so quickly


A box of ten free-range eggs now costs 10.7% more than a year ago. This is apparent from figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), which has requested. According to the sector, the price increase makes sense, given all that is happening in the egg world.

According to CBS chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen, a box of ten free-range eggs in the supermarket now costs an average of 3.20 euros. “In 2018, it was less than 2.50 euros.” Everything gets more expensive, but things go really fast with eggs.

“It was only in 2017 and 2003 that a box of eggs became more expensive in a short time,” says Van Mulligen. In 2017 the fipronil affair hit the sector, 2003 was a disastrous year for the egg sector due to a huge outbreak of bird flu.

A spokesperson for the industry association Anevei describes the significant price increase as in line with expectations, with all that is currently happening in the world. “Chicken feed prices have gone up enormously, like cereals. It had already started, but now they are really skyrocketing.” The war in Ukraine also plays a role in this regard.

In addition, as in 2003, the sector is facing a major avian flu epidemic. “This is not just happening in the Netherlands, but all over Europe.” According to Anevei, supermarkets have pre-sorted higher egg prices. “They raised prices to keep margins stable.”

Eggs should remain expensive. Data from Statistics Netherlands on the price of eggs over the past decades show that the price fell briefly after the peak in 2003. But since 2008 it has never fallen, only increased. In 2012, a box cost 1.70 euros, in 2017 2.24 euros and now, five years later, so 3.20 euros.

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