Importers have opened accounts in rubles


«Moscow’s demand for European buyers to pay for Russian gas in rubles will not lead to interruption of supply “, said Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, a day after meeting with Joe Biden.

Although the European Commission has warned that compliance with the request may violate EU sanctionsthe Italian Prime Minister pointed out that this is a “gray belt».

«In fact, most of the gas importers have already opened their ruble accounts with Gazprom“, he said.

At the same time, he stressed the need “oUS and Russia to hold talks to try to end fighting in Ukraine».

He added that both he and Biden acknowledged that the road to peace is very complicatedbut said that everyone should make efforts to help Russia and Ukraine find a solution.

«There are so many possibilities, but before we even get to this point, an effort must be made and it is an effort that all allies must make, especially Russia and the United States to sit at a table “, Draghi pointed out.


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