They used a kitten as a target for shooting


Another horrific incident against animals took place in Limassol, according to a post that is making the rounds of the Cypriot internet.

According to the post on Social Media, strangers used a kitten as a target to shoot with firecrackers.

According to the post, “my little son asked me a few days ago if there are” bad “animals that want to hurt you! My answer was very quick and easy: “My Marie, I told him, do not be afraid of animals, no animal is bad! Fear and watch only the people, because there are and live very bad people among us!

Tell me what will I say now to the little one when we go to Limassol, to grandpa and grandma and see his favorite cat in this situation? If the unfortunate man manages to come out as the winner of life, after some “bad people” decided to shoot him with the plumber on Sunday. But he did it, and you did not kill him like that, you know!

“Zeus” had the strength and the will for LIFE and returned home and is already being treated in a clinic! And he will succeed because he has something that you do not have and will never have! He has a heart, and love in him, not hatred and evil like you!

It is noted that on Monday another horrific incident took place in a high school in Nicosia, when strangers abused kittens, painted a wall with their blood and hung them.

Source: Sigmalive

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