The Netherlands leads the EU in digital skills


The Netherlands is one of the European countries with the highest share of inhabitants skilled in the use of the Internet, computers and software. This is what a study by Statistics Netherlands and Eurostat shows on Thursday.

Almost 80% of Dutch people aged 16 to 75 had basic digital skills or even more than that by 2021. The average in the European Union is 54%.

Digital skills are determined by the number of activities in five domains: information and digital literacy, online communication, computers and online services, privacy and software use.

Along with Finland, the Netherlands has the highest share of people with at least basic skills, almost 80%. With this, the Netherlands has almost reached the European digitization target: by 2030, 80% of the EU population should have at least basic digital skills.

In Bulgaria and Romania, few people have minimum basic skills: 31% and 28% respectively. Poland and Italy are also below the EU average on this point.

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