Germany: The country could, under certain conditions, withstand the interruption of the gas supply


Germany could – under certain conditions – withstand a possible cut-off of gas supplies from Russia as early as next winter, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, urging consumers to save as much energy as possible so that we do not end up with emergency solutions “.

“The lowest consumption is A and Z in terms of gas,” Mr Habeck told the Wirtschaftswoche. ” LNG liquefied natural gas tankers have been connected to the grid and at the same time significant energy savings have been achieved, the country could to some extent withstand a possible interruption of gas supply from Russia.

However, despite the progress made in securing alternative sources and the replacement of 25% of imported gas by LNG tankers, the Minister of Economy warned that a power outage would have serious economic consequences, as prices would rise at the end of the year. in winter the warehouses would be empty.

source: ΑΠΕ

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