Traffic: One of the important violations of the Greeks is the use of a mobile phone


“One of significant violations of Greek drivers while driving is the cell phone use. “It’s an issue we need to address immediately.” This important point was made by the director Traffic Thessaloniki, Thomas Germanos, who attended an event for driving safety and sent the message that in no case should we talk on a cell phone while driving.

“The use of mobile phones is largely done by drivers. Now, they not only talk, but send messages, surf, send emails. No off-road driver told us he was talking on his cell phone at the time. Something needs to be done about this. Since the buzzer in the car for the seat belt years ago, the percentage of drivers who use it has increased. Now, there are very few who do not use a seat belt. “Now the car manufacturers will have to find a way to turn off their mobile phones while driving,” said Mr. Germanos.

Ipsos also conducted a survey, which showed that 11% of European drivers were already involved or close to having an accident while using the phone while driving. In fact, 76% of European drivers admit that while driving there are some seconds that do not look at the road, but deal with their mobile phone, while 53% say that they talk on the phone while driving using bluetooth with built-in speakers in the car.

The car manufacturers, wanting to provide a solution to the issue, have integrated all the functions of mobile phones in the car touch screen, so as not to distract the driver’s attention while driving. Distracting yourself even for a second can have bad results. The same survey shows that 22% send or read text messages or emails while driving, 21% use an app to alert other drivers to specific events happening in the area, 32% use a headset to talk on the phone and 23% make calls holding the phone in their hands.

It is noted that the law on this issue is very strict. According to article 29 par. 1 lit. a. of Law 4530/2018, in the provisions of the new KOK, drivers of vehicles that use a mobile phone in motion without wireless headphones or without it being placed in a special place for open listening are punished by on-site removal of traffic data and driving license ( diploma), by the person certifying the violation, for 60 days.


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